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III. [Discussion guidelines]

or How to comment on anything and discuss whatever.


3.1 Discrimination. Don’t be offensive and discriminative towards other races, religions, nationalities, people of different age, gender etc., regardless their presence or absence on this site. We’re also not here to discuss discrimination or politics, or religion on it’s own, unless there is an article themed on that specifically. If by any chance there’s room for any political conversation, please restrain from interpretation and continue the conversation within the fictional countries shown in the show.


3.2 Discrimination against fictional characters. Don’t be discriminative towards fictional characters based on race, religion, nationality, age, gender etc.


3.3 Freedom of thinking. Deep and logical analysis and statement of the facts, supported by commenter’s own thoughts and interpretation will not be restricted unless it’s breaking the rules. The feelings on people offended for some character, who’s been analyzed won’t be heard. There’s room for different opinions, as long as they are not breaking the rules. (read [Survival Rules], 2)

3.4 Don’t get personal. Even if the person if blind towards the facts, calling them names is not justified. As well as making vulgar or offensive assumptions about their friends, relatives, nation, country, ways of upbringing etc. In other words, all the cheats to hide passive aggressive discrimination are also forbidden.

3.4.1 Not every swearing or cursing word may be automatically blocked (beca*se of dis), but this doesn’t mean that other users won’t report you to the moderators. Use swearing only in the forums allowed and when absolutely necessary to describe the cry of your soul, overfilled with emotions.

3.4.2 Restrain from swearing completely in discussions of movies and works rated lower that PG.


3.5 Anime or manga? Maybe a light novel?

When discussing manga, light novel or some other “original resource’ material, i.e. something that has been created under the same title or universe but earlier, please note that the universes are to be considered separate, with the discussion usually relying upon the anime universe as the basic one, not the vise versa. Same rule with alternative or later works. For example:

a. Code Geass manga that have been drawn after the anime (TV series),

b. Code Geass movies, made after TV series,

They shall normally be treated as secondary to the movie as a later work.

3.5.1 If some alternative or earlier/later work wants to be discussed while treated as main universe, separate forum discussion must be created for that reason.

3.5.2 If some manga and anime wanted to be compared, separate forum discussion must be created for that purpose. No universe if main there, for obvious reasons.


3.6 Report illegal behavior to the moderators and admins (after you’ve downloaded the pirated content all by yourself, just kidding, never do that please, report right away).

3.6.1 Don’t upload/share anything that violates someone’s copyrights. If reported or manually found, that content will be removed.

3.6.2 Don’t spam anything. You will get automatically banned for this.

3.6.3 Don’t write meaningless, short messages. Also restrain from abbreviation that is not commonly used as well as too much abbreviation and the types that use too many letters (more than 5). When abbreviating name use popular cut instead of abbreviation. For example:

for “My Romantic Comedy Gone Wrong As Expected” please use “Oregairu” (japanese beginning of the title) instead of “MRCGWAE”


3.7 Family friendly.

While we keep discussions of materials rated R (usually due to the material featuring war scenes), there are some forbidden genres that should be discussed somewhere else. Please be considerate that non mature audience can read your conversations, keep them family friendly as much as possible.

3.7.1 No hentai, no ecchi, no yaoi, no yuri and other genres that are not listed here, however contain highly adult sexual content.

3.7.2 No rule 34.

3.7.3. Please restrain from sharing links, images, files, videos or any other content, as well as discussing materials, canon or non-canon (including fanfiction) that contain disturbing, sexual and other family non-friendly content. Violation of this rule will get you a ban.