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II. [Fandom Controversies]

or How to read the articles and other published materials on this site.


2.1 Authors are not gods. Including mangaka’s, studio’s, editors, directors, animators and many others developers and creators of any fandoms are to be considered human. It is to be acknowledged that humans do make mistakes, slack of, misunderstand each other, try to loot off their work as much as possible, destroy their work intentionally or unintentionally and even sometimes die without finishing. They also make statements that are later cancelled/controverted by the newer statements, so be careful. That all is to be considered normal.

2.2 Anime, not the manga. Articles are about anime. Not a book, not manga, not the light novel, unless it’s stated otherwise in the title or referenced somewhere in the article.

Everyone is free to discuss all of those on forum sections, marked appropriately with [spoilers] [manga] etc. Read more at the [Discussion Guidelines].

2.3 Canon. Not everything written in the article is 120% canonical, while the purpose of the articles serves to grasp the understanding of a pattern or a situation that may (or may not) have been shown by many other authors on their works as well. Please read the articles with some room for interpretation in mind. Same scene can be treated differently under the different angle.

2.4 Spoilers from another works. Considering the previous rule (3), please notice that those similar works describing similar ideas may be talked about in the articles (usually marked in the spoiler at the top of the article). In case you discovered that some spoilers haven’t been marked, please contact moderators in the Forum section.

If you are not familiar with the work described in the spoilers warning, don’t restrain yourself from reading the article, unless you are planning to watch it and/or afraid of the spoilers. Usually the plot of that new work is being described or the situation is easy to grasp without a context. Also, some examples are being shown in hopes of giving more similar examples without further explanation for the sake of the pattern reveal.