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I. [Survival Rules]

To avoid nervous breakdown, accidental snapping and other unnecessary side effects, please follow these rules [Survival Rules].


1 Not too serious. Everything written within the boundaries of this site shall not be treated too seriously, due to the risks of snapping and/or making a fool of yourself in the comments as a result.

1.1 Treat everything with a grain of salt.

1.2 Facts versus opinions. This is an analytics Site and Forum for people who try to look at the facts as clearly as possible. Please leave all personal emotions regardless some characters behind. If you find your character being unreasonably offended, answer that by pointing out the missed facts about that character and proving some other facts wrong. Give different perception of events. Same concerns opinions that are not exactly about the favorite character, but in the end have been misjudged or denied because of the same reason at the core.

1.2.1 Nothing written by any author or commenter shall be considered as a final statement. Opinions change, evidence come up in memory later. It is to be considered normal.

1.3 Personal grudges. If some things started to resonate within you, continue to read at your own risk. Author is no longer held responsible for your snapping because of your dark past.

1.3.1 If by any chance you “just don’t see” the text written before you as the one stating any correct facts and connections and making not even one right interpretation, and/or you find every single piece of article to be false, please restrain from reading. Author strongly recommends you to follow the 1.3 recommendation. No need to state your opinion about an article being a “bs” anywhere (including the forum and outside of this site), due to the risk of accidentally making a fool of yourself.

1.3.2 In case you ignored the recommendations 1.3 and 1.3.1

Before writing a flaming comment about the author being retarded, please at least finish reading the article. Comments that clearly show that the commenter didn’t read the article until the end will be deleted, due to the needlessness of such a comment.

1.3.3 In case you ignored the recommendations 1.3 and 1.3.1 as well as 1.3.2

After you finished reading the article and before posting your flaming disagreement on the internet, please, reread the article (its continuations and relevant material) once again while looking at your own comment. Comments that passionately raise issues and questions that are already answered in the article (or it’s continuations), will be deleted due to fact that commenter barely scrolled through the material and therefore, left a needlessness comment.

1.4 Mistakes. Even thought the purpose of this site is to provide as good of an analysis as possible and look at the facts, every author and commenter on this site is a human. According to the rule 2.1 of this policy, it is assumed as normal for humans to make mistakes. Therefore, every author and commenter, are to be considered humans with all the circumstances.

1.4.1 If you have encountered a mistake, grammatical or logical, please address the issue in the comments on the Forum.

a. In case of an article, find “Article corrections” discussions. Don’t forget to state the title or link of the article, then quote the paragraph or the sentence where the mistake is found with mistake fixed according to your views, and marked as bold.

b. In case of someone’s mistake in the discussion, answer that exact comment. Please don’t correct spelling mistakes on the Forum unless completely necessary. Use this correction method to fix the facts. Provide references: episode and minute or some links that improve the discussion.