Тина Роу

Tina Rou is an author of many analysis articles and videos in movies, cartoons and anime and also a writer of her own books.

 In 2016, she founded a "Plot 2.0" project, being the most known for "Rise of the Guardians" theories, as well as other cartoons and anime. Today, "Plot 2.0" continues to exist and develops in form of text only.

A chart on "Rise of the Guardians" theory materials.


After a short break in 2017, project "Plot 2.0" was renewed. This time, new development on the "Rise of the Guardians" and multiple articles on other anime are being added up to this date. One of the most famous are "Code Geass" theories, based on anime TV series. 

Cover for an article on "Code Geass" named "The story of a father-killer. How I became a traitor."

In 2018 a book production began. The content is still not published, but there is a "Books" menu on this site where the books will appear right after the publication! Other than that, all the social nets and the "News" will always keep you up to date!


At the end of the year 2019 a new addition will add to this article, telling you about all the new accomplishments.