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Suzaku Kururugi. The story of a father-killer, best friend’s betrayal. [Code Geass theory]

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(Code Geass R1, R2 spoilers)

So many of us believe in fate, predestined for us. In this fate a human being will improve himself and his skills, inevitably coming to its achieving. However, science has proven to us, that every human has a choice. Anyone can pick his or her destiny and improve the necessary skills dependent on the choice itself.

Suzaku has also made a choice — he became a traitor.

It’s been widely noticed that Suzaku commits multiple betrayals of different kinds throughout the series. The most memorable ones are his best friend's betrayals, which he commits twice. However, like any other novice, he gradually improves this skill. In order to comprehend the reasoning behind the largest treasons, “screaming” to us from the series, we must unravel some smaller, unnoticeable ones, which will uncover the truth behind Suzaku’s creation of his destiny.

-.- Suzaku’s Path -.-

Suzaku, Japanese, 8 years old. 

Kills his father, Japan’s prime minister. All for the sake of Japanese people to stop the resistance and give up to the Britain Empire.


8-year old Suzaku hits his father in the stomach.


Suzaku, Japanese, 17 years old. 

He becomes a Britannian soldier, but abandons his oath to the Emperor by refusing to shoot at his friend. For that insubordination, he’s been shot down, but miraculously survives.


“I won’t do this, I can’t follow your orders, sir!”

- to prevent the death of his friend Lelouch, Suzaku Kururugi goes against his orders (R1 - 1)


Suzaku, Japanese, 17 years old.

Sells out his best friend Lelouch to the Emperor — his worst enemy, for a noble title.


“I’ll change this world, even if it means selling out my friends.” (R2 - 2)


Suzaku, Japanese, 18 years old.

Allegedly ignorant of the fact that every important person of the government (himself included) is bugged, Suzaku fishes out incriminating evidence from his friend during the phone call.

Then he pretends to have no knowledge about a tracking tail, that he brought on their private meeting. Setting facts straight, he sells Lelouch to the Emperor for the second time.


“Farewell, Suzaku. My first and last ever friend.” (R2 - 17)


Suzaku, Japanese, 18 years old.

Betrays the emperor and rushes to murder him personally, while taking his son’s (Schneizel) side.



“I’m grateful for your patronage, but you’re guilty of two crimes... Die!”  - Suzaku Kururugi (R2 - 20)


Suzaku, Japanese, 18 years old.

But betrays Schneizel also and tries to defeat him, taking Lelouch’s side.  


Suzaku, Knight of Zero. (R2 - 21)


Suzaku, Japanese, 18 years old.

Following Lelouch’s order, Suzaku betrays and kills him. He keeps Zero’s mask, to forever suffer and atone for his sins.



“You will no longer live as Suzaku Kururugi. You’ll sacrifice the pleasures of life for the sake of this world.“ (R2 - 25)


-.- Happy End -.-

It’s not hard to see, that Suzaku’s path started long ago. Why does he go through his best friend's betrayal when earlier he was fighting for his and Nannlly’s sake?

Suzaku’s internal world is cracked into two parts.

His subconsciousness did not forgive an obvious violation of all the rights and laws of the balanced mind when he took his own father’s life with a hit of a knife.

«The only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed.»

- Lelouch, Suzaku’s best friend.

A question arises: can murdering of a human forever destroy the mind of a human committing it? Not at all.

We can see an example in the “Mentalist” series. Lead by a motive of revenge, MC hunts down the murderer of his wife and kids for a long time. At the end of the series, he fulfills his revenge and destroys serial murderer with his own hands. But this character doesn’t pay the same price, as Suzaku. He’s not hunted by fear and guilt, his mind is not falling to pieces. He leaves the crime scene with a lightened heart and peace, knowing that not only he avenged his family, but saved many other future victims.


Patric Jane became a detective for one reason only - solve a mystery of a killer, who took his wife and a child.


Nevertheless, many Code Geass episodes bluntly claim that Suzaku has a suicidal syndrome, constantly trying to end himself while serving in a Britannian military.

Last time we talked about the suicidal program in "Rise of the Guardians" movie, with Jack Frost as an analysis subject. Since he was unable to receive the only recourse that would bring his happiness, the character fell into a depressed mode and reached a conclusion about the meaningless of life.



“I’ve tried EVERYTHING…” - hope dies last, after 300 years of empty attempts.


Suzaku tries to punish himself for his father's murder, pretending as if he felt some sort of guilt. However, that’s not exactly the fact. Of course, Suzaku has trouble remembering a trauma that he brought upon himself with that murder, feeling shocked, but we don’t see any signs of guilt.

For example. Lelouch felt guilt towards his sister, whom he lied to and before whom he wore the mask of a villain. That’s why he’s dreaming of talking to her while unable too. When she’s hypnotized, he uses the moment to spill out everything that was on his heart for so long: he asks for forgiveness, he tells her how much he loves her, and says his goodbyes forever. (R2 - 25)


However, Suzaku doesn’t show us not one apology or confession of love for his father. He tries to justify, or accuse himself, however, he doesn’t have even one talk to his father. More than that, he cares around father’s watch with his all the time for some reason. A memory of his father - we could assume. Yes, that is what Suzaku thinks. However this is not a memory, but only a trophy, taken from the body of a murdered victim.




Suzaku’s path of a traitor - is a path of a father-killer. That path started with a choice when the 10-year-old hysterical boy refused everything that he has to protect and hold dear: a father, a family, his motherland.

After that, the vision of a traitor associates everyone with a fallen father, and that is the moment he knows himself to be worthy to sentence them all to death.

This is how his men’s friendship with Lelouch was forever destroyed, long before Suzaku compared Zero with father and found them to be similar.

“Zero is a lot like my father…»

- Suzaku Kururugi




This is how his relationship with martial arts master and “the man of a miracle” has perished, long before Suzaku vowed to serve to the Britannian Emperor.



This is how Sukazu’s military career has ended — at the moment the emperor reminded him of his father, but long before his reputation dropped below the baseboard due to his constant betrayals and people stopped doing business with him.



That’s why Lelouch is choosing Suzaku to bear Zero’s role. More than anyone he understood that his childhood friend is a traitor at his very core. He gives Suzaku’s the only task that Suzaku is capable to complete — to betray him.

Suzaku was completely unable to be anyone else: he’s not Japanese, not British either. Not a student, or a friend, no longer a son. The destiny that he has decided for himself has devoured everything that he could possibly be and all the happiness that could be a part of his life.


Suzaku tries to die not out of regrets and guilt about his father since he hasn’t regretted this even for a second. But for the only reason that he understood way too late — that the path of a traitor leads nowhere, but to the inevitable unhappiness.


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